The Best You” book and resource are tailor-made for you. This material will help you develop a new way of thinking, being and doing things, and help you step into your inherent greatness. Be warned that it will shake you out of the confines of your comfort and push you out of the nest of your comfort. The purpose of this book and resource is to change how you see and live your life.  This material will help you absorb new insight but also apply small changes in your life, that will eventually bring about a huge impact. It’s the little hinges of change that swings open the big doors to greatness.

“Greatness is not a destination; it’s a continuous state of being, a process of progressive achievement towards excellence and away from a life of complacency and mediocrity. It is a self-less disposition of rising above all we currently are to become all we were intended so we can use our influence to impact others.”  – Phinehas Kinuthia

About The Author

Phinehas Kinuthia is passionate about ordinary people discovering and living a life of purpose through accomplishing their dreams. He is an international speaker, educator, mind architect, life-coach, mentor, community leader, and an entrepreneur. He addresses critical issues that affect individuals’ spiritual and social development. Phinehas is the author of one of the most profound life changing book “From Dreaming to Becoming.”

Phinehas’ life is a compelling story that embodies his message that anyone can make their dreams a reality. Raised in poverty in Africa, he came to the United States with only $200 and a vision of unlimited possibility. His dream has always been to help other people be more, go farther, and reach higher than they ever thought possible. He has been a life student of learning, through many personal experiences. His compelling story truly embodies his message that anyone can make their dreams a reality.