“Empowering you
to maximize
your potential to also
actualize your dreams”.


“I believe that greatness is in you, I know that you can be more, go further and reach higher than you ever
thought possible in the pursuit of your purpose and dreams.”


Discover your CORE,
Develop a new PARADIGM,
Actualize your DREAM,

Phinehas Strengths

Change Catalyst

Change is inevitable and necessary for growth.
As a catalyst for change, coach Phinehas has the ability
to see the big picture and to influences people’s paradigms.
His influence on people’s lives has proven to create top-level
achievers who are known to have a long-term positive impact
on humanity.

Strategic Implementer

Coach Phinehas has the foresight to identify recurring
obstacles and generate strategic solutions. He identifies
the unique traits in others and differentiates one person
from another and how their expertise converges to
produce the desired outcome.

Innovative Thinker

Coach Phinehas is an innovative thinker who often
detects nuances in data and information and life’s
situation which most people generally overlook.
He has been relied on to generate concepts, plans,
or solutions which enlighten individuals about
the intricacies of processes, problems, and decisions.

Problem Solver

As a Coach, Phinehas always brings an
added dimension to discussions. He can make
sense out of seemingly unrelated information.
He has an innate ability to simplify the most
complex, convoluted, or intricate and offer clear and
easy-to-comprehend explanations. He
is able to generate multiple action plans
and possible solutions to significant issues or problems

Dr. Phinehas is an acclaimed
international speaker, an
educator, life coach, mentor,
leader, entrepreneur, change
strategist and author of the
popular book “From Dreaming
to Becoming”.

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