Potential that cannot be harnessed and developed remains latent and never fully benefits humanity. Our Personal development strategy is to help you discover your true empowering identity and maximize it as you pursue your life aspiration and goals.

Over the years in my personal journey of becoming, I have learned that the success in my personal life was a result of creating my own personal growth and personal development plan. When you determine where you want to go the method to attain it always emerges. Are you clear about what you want to accomplish in life and do you have the tools to get where you need to go? In our personal development journey, we help you

Training Tracks Include

  • Acquiring a New Empowering Paradigm
  • Discover the Autonomy of Your Authentic Self
  • Personal Discovery-Becoming More Self Aware
  • Creating Your Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  • Developing a Your Own Growth Plan
  • Overcoming Adversity and Learning from Life’s Failures
  • Building Authentic Lifetime Relationships and Networks


Everyone dreams of becoming successful or achieving something significant in life. Despite our respective social economic backgrounds, we all have dreams that developed in our childhoods. Our greatest challenge is taking our dreams from thoughts and wishes and making them realities. This process can be very frustrating for most people who do not know how or where to start.

The Dream Actualization Strategy is built around the groundbreaking tools in the book Dreaming to Becoming guaranteed to move you from merely thoughts and ideas or concept about your dreams to living the life of your dreams.

Training Tracks Include

  • Discover your Core
  • Defining Your Dreams
  • Mapping Your Dreaming to Becoming Wheel
  • Designing Your Personal Dream Actualization Strategy
  • All Round Dream Assessment Tests


True leadership is about unlocking the latent potential in your followers to become exceptional leaders. Our School of Leadership is designed to help new and aspiring leaders, as well as already seasoned leaders on how to effectively navigate the complexities of leading to reaching their full personal and organizational leadership potential. We believe in raising uncommon leaders for a complex world. You too can explore new passions and refine your skills.

Leadership Training is not a one size fits all plan. At any given time, each individual or organization is at a different level on the continuum of leadership growth and development. While we provide common leadership training tracks, we evaluate every client’s needs and establish a unique specific path that will fulfill the clients need.

Training Tracks Include

  • Myths About Leadership
  • Developing Your Personal Philosophy of Leadership
  • Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery
  • Followershift
  • Understanding The Core Competencies of Leadership
  • Creating By Design the Right Organizational Culture
  • Building Teams That Win


Do you have a book in you? We believe everyone has a unique story that needs to be told in a book. We can help make your dream to become an author a reality. Becoming a self-published author is the quickest ultimate form of credibility on your subject matter. We provide extensive professional editorial and self-publishing services for : Authors, Publishers, Organizations, Business.

One of the distinctive elements of a good book is the high-quality editing, formatting and book cover. We offer a variety of services to help you publish your manuscript, whether you are writing a children’s book, fiction, or a nonfiction manuscript and you need any of the following services: Manuscript Diagnostic Review, Substantive Editing, Copy-editing, Proofreading, Editorial Critique, Book Cover Designs, Formatting.


We have been where you are, we understand the challenge of wanting to write to get your message across but not fully understanding the nuances and the steps and process of writing from start to finish.
So we will work with you to actualize your dreams to be a published author.

Books We've Published

Since our team is made up of authors, we understand the importance of maintaining control of your voice and your work. Starting with the writing process, the editing process until your book is published. We will work with you from start to finish to identify

  • Where you should start from
  • The direction your book should take.
  • How you can overcome a writer’s block in the
  • writing process.
  • Upon completion of your book, we will work together through the editorial stages to select the editing, copy editing, or proof-reading services that best suit’s your vision and goals.
  • One’s your book enters the production stage we will create a custom designed book cover design.
  • We will collaborate to create a custom layout or format for your book interior that you prefer
  • At the production stage, we will help you obtain the (ISBN, Copyrights, Trademark, needed.
  • Ways you can position and market your book effectively?
  • Much More